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Having a job in digital marketing, one must be familiar with Search Engine Optimization. Digital workers have always hunted digital marketing with this organic type to compete to make the website rank on the first page of Google.

Search Engine Optimization means improving the website to increase its visibility when people search for products or services related to business in Google. The better visibility pages have in search results, and the more likely they will garner attention and attract prospective and existing customers to a business.

This Search Engine Optimization capability is quite easy for visitors to get information about a product or service. Therefore, the content created in an article must be SEO-friendly to make it easier for Google to recommend to visitors. There are several ways to increase the website to be on the first page of Google in the ways below.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first thing to do to create SEO-friendly content. In analyzing these keywords, you can get information on what keywords are most often used. The results of this keyword research are useful for getting a list of competitors, keywords that bring traffic to competitors’ websites, competitor content strategies, and backlinks that competitors get. The purpose of this keyword research is that the content produced later can be better than competitors.

On-page Optimization

When you already know the keywords used to create content, it’s time to optimize on-page from SEO. On-page optimization is more focused on content and how to use the right techniques to make content SEO-friendly. To find out how the on-page optimization process is, don’t miss the step by step below.

On-page content

Content is a part of the website that has an important role. If the website is likened to a vehicle, this content is the fuel to run the website. Therefore, to create content, required conditions must be considered. This on-page content serves to create the best website pages by relying on E-A-T.

Content writer SEO must be an expert who can write content that requires comprehensive, detailed, and easy-to-understand content. Also, a writer should have authority for the website has the authority to discuss a particular topic. If the writer expert and have authority, then writeable to trust and to be a trustworthy website.

On-page technical

After writing the content, it is also important to optimize the technical aspects of the content. Things to know that must be complete in this on-page technical are meta title, meta description, URL, internal linking, heading structure, and mobile-friendly.

Some tips that are worth trying, namely, an attractive title with a maximum of 50-55 characters, a description used a maximum of 156 characters, a URL that must be clean according to the title, using the and structures, recommend other articles from the website relevant, and use mobile-friendly writing.

Off-page Optimization

Off-page SEO basically tells search engines like Google how visitors feel about your website, which can help you become an authoritative site by increasing visibility. This method also encourages people to mention your brand and link it to the material on your website. Help from outside the content is also needed for website optimization. Some tips that need to be done include:

Trust Backlinks

Backlinks play an important role in assessing the performance of a website. Website must consider the choice of this backlink, and although it has added value for those who include it, it is also quite risky if the links listed are from irrelevant links. It is better to use one backlink from an obvious source than many but irrelevant ones.

Social Media

After the content has been published, distribute the article with the help of social media to attract visitors to the website. Increasing the number of visitors can also increase traffic so that search engines can consider the website.

Blog comment

A good article can make the reader active. Therefore, the writing that is made must provoke the reader to comment if a lot of comments from visitors can make a better assessment.


after all the steps have been done, don’t just stop there. It takes seo measurements to find out what our website visitors are like. There are several ways that can be done to measure SEO.


First to know is Google Analytics. Google Analytics provides basic audience and behaviour metrics. It can segment user demographics, their devices to access your site, and whether they have visited your site before. It can also track website ad performance and overall traffic count.


It’s important to know user behaviour, use Crazy Egg to track. This trusted website visitor tracking resource provides intuitive “snapshots” of user behaviour. The Crazy Egg report includes a heatmap of website clicks, scroll times, and bounce rates combined with rich visitor information meant to offer a complete overview of each unique experience and how they interact with the content on your site.

Visitor ID

For this step, the best way to know visitor identity using Leadfeeder. Leadfeeder provides visitor identification and tracking software to assist marketing and sales departments identify and convert the best leads. Their account-level visitor identification technology ties every website visitor back to the company. The report, which visitor identity can integrate with many of the major CRM platforms, shows whether prospects are “warm” and to what extent.

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