What is Automation? And How it benefits your Business

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Business Process Automation

Over decades, Business process evolve with the help of digitalization. To seek efficiency, many industries applied Automation in their business. This can change the way human and machine interacts, so that business can focused on scaling up, markets and grow revenue.

In practice, there is a lot of benefits from utilizing automation. Whether small business or large enterprise, the goal is to make business operation more efficient. For example in the automotive industries, car assembly can utilize automation to speed up process and produce more unit in a short time. And the company can fulfill the demand thus grow revenue faster.

Other benefits is that the consumer goods business can give a better, faster and reliable service to the customer. This means replacing a long line of queue in store with an apps or web service. They can see all the products , find nearest store and even get their stuff online. After all, customers comes first, right?

Automation is present in virtually all business industries. Healthcare, manufacture, farming, transportation or even F&B can take benefits from automated process. To get the full potential of the automation, it needs trial and applied across all work flows to find the right software and the best practice.

However, not all work flows can be transform with the presence of automation. This can lead to many problems like higher cost to maintain and inability to scale up. Utilizing automation also means replacing human labor with machine, and it inherently causes job loss especially for unskilled workers.

The negative effect caused by automation can be solved. By retrained workers in a new job or place them to supervise the process. Even the most advanced technology is still needs maintenance. Therefore, Professional workers intervention is necessary, even if the tool can perform most of the task.


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