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User Experience Design (UX) is the process of increasing user satisfaction (user apps, website visitors) by improving the usability, accessibility, and efficiency of user interaction with the website or apps. The point is that UX Design helps in making a website or application that you make is easy to use and not confusing when used by users.

To improve it, here is the list of User Experience (UX) Practices tips every web designer should follow:


First, we need to think of a website as a yellow brick road that can move users seamlessly from one section to the next by understanding user personas’ goals and needs. In order of importance, items near the top page of the page would likely attract users. You can also create consistent and easy-to-use web interfaces, avoid dead-end pages, use common patterns and interfaces to help customers understand the web without creating additional work for the users.


As long as it is clear that additional or relevant information is below the fold, your website provides a strong visual direction, and it is a sufficient web page (not too long), it is a high chance that the user would scroll down your page to the bottom since scrolling web pages is faster than clicking anyway.

3.Contrast and Color

Make sure that color-blind users could read your website and be aware of the mobile website’s contrast or color in general.


Make sure website users can complete their primary goals quickly and easily. The load time, load behavior, waiting times, and smoothness of animations could influence the users’ perception.


Make sure users can interact with a single touch, determine whether users will use devices with one hand or two when designing mobile layouts, or knowing the minimum size for a touch target on mobiles could help you understand the interface targets.


Use visual variety and meaningful text, pay attention to the font; make sure it is a mobile or a phone-sized, not too much ads banner, avoid all caps.

7.In general

Always have a search field, a clickable button design, a simple icon, and has an obvious purpose of the web page. Try to eliminate redundancy, be a positive, and user-oriented website. You can also re-read your website or research similar options, terms, and messages. More Here

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