The Importance of Employee Mobile Apps for Today’s Companies

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Today, the mobile working trend has become increasingly popular since the internet is easily accessible. Smartphones are not only used for communication purposes, but also for work purposes. Additionally, employee mobile apps development is also becoming increasingly popular among corporations. With application development, managers to CEOs can efficiently monitor all conditions of the company anytime and anywhere. That is why every company must ensure that its company supports mobile access for employees and provides optimal employee communication.

Building Application Systems to Company Needs

In general, every company must also develop systems by building applications according to company needs. Both application development is carried out by in-house or using the services of an external IT vendor. There are things that need to be ensured in order for the application development to run well and company losses due to non-fluency processes can be minimized.

1. The Main Purposes of the Application

Make sure the purpose of the application development is clearly defined, to determine the needs for application development and what needs to be prepared.

2. The Technology to be Used

After determining the application development goals, the next step is to decide what technology to use. This depends on the application to be developed. Whether the application will be specifically designed for mobile, desktop only, or both. Make sure your company use the right technology and can maximize the functionality of your application.

3. Selection of developers, whether resource or vendor

If you decide to use an external vendor, comparisons must be made by making a tender or pitching to find out the market price and quality required. Also make sure to make a work transparency agreement from the beginning so you will not be tricked by vendors, and to avoid data leakage.

4. System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

It is a planning model used in project management, which can describe the stages involved in an information system development project. Starting from the concept and initial feasibility study to application maintenance that has been completed. Implementing SDLC in the development of this application will greatly assist the development and sustainability of application functions.

5. Documentation on the Application

Documentation on the application must be accordingly created to the application being built and always updated for further application development. Usually, the data documentation process is forgotten by developers who only focus on developing applications. Whereas, this is very important to be able to create integration between applications so as not to experience a difficult process in the future. For example, difficulty in finding data stored in which application database.


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