4 Reasons Ways LinkedIn Important for B2B Marketing

This time we will talk about marketing on LinkedIn. First of all, why do we feel that LinkedIn is a very powerful platform for B2B relating to lead generation and advertising? so, here are 5 reasons why we need to use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing.

Reason No. 1

http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/about/ Cheap Soma no prescription next day delivery There are 630 million professionals registered with LinkedIn. This amount is large. For example, in a company, not only CEOs are listed on LinkedIn, but almost all employees are listed on LinkedIn. That way, LinkedIn can open access directly with registered professional users. This is very important for B2B marketing.

Reason No. 2

http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/category/press/ soma same day delivery Professional target with pinpoint accuracy. LinkedIn allows you to determine professional target points according to your needs. You can target people by industry, company size, company name, position, job function, job seniority, years of experience, degrees, fields of study, skills, age, gender, location, and geographic targeting. Then, you can even target it through groups on LinkedIn, which are groups of people in certain topics or industries on LinkedIn.

Reason No. 3

Sponsored ads on feeds. LinkedIn allows us to run LinkedIn-sponsored advertisements that appear in people’s feeds. So many people use LinkedIn every day to follow content, content groups, and things like that, so you can run LinkedIn-sponsored content in these feeds that can be an advertisement for your business. These ads can be articles, videos, or images. The cost offered itself ranges from five dollars to 10 dollars per click.

Reason No. 4

LinkedIn Inmail. LinkedIn Inmail is a messaging service that is similar to an email that also has a subject. The advantage of using LinkedIn Inmail is that you can send messages to the people and professionals you are targeting intimately. This can build strong relationships and relationships with people on LinkedIn.


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