How Augmented Reality Can Increase Your Business Value

Augmented Reality and Its Benefit

Augmented reality (AR) is popular nowadays, it adds a digital overlay to the world we currently live in. It may sound like something out of a science fiction film but actually, Ar is a technology enriching the real world with digital information and media, such as 3D models and videos, 4D experience, overlaying in real-time the camera view of your personal devices or live web content.

AR is going to change the shape of business in any field; manufacture, education, healthcare and banking. It can be useful for far more than just gaming, the new technology will be used for product design, presentation, training, marketing or even human sensor, touching and feeling for the next future.

All activity or even just in some division in your company that used AR shows the business run more professional. There is some benefit that AR can give to your business:


Whether they’re salesmen or field engineers, many workers spend much of their working week outside the office.

When working remotely, even the most capable professional can run into situations where they need a helping hand from someone back at base, and it’s here that AR glasses could come in handy.


When it comes to training and education, AR and virtual reality have a lot of promises. Unlike a real-world training scenario, a trainee can play through an AR situation as many times as they need to grasp a concept or a procedure.

Training can also be a lot more elaborate -it’s far simpler to have someone take a virtual car engine apart than a real one- and be repeated with as many people as necessary.


Another useful ability of AR is how it allows virtual objects to be placed in the real world -a process referred to as visualisation.

melding the virtual and the real in this way offers designers a way of interacting with virtual 3D models of their creations as if they were physical, real-world objects.

Visualisation of 3D objects using AR in this way could also offer a better sense of what a finished product would be like than a flat image on a screen.


AR has the potential to make life easier for customer-facing staff, particularly for those working in retail. For example, a sales assistant at a make-up counter could use AR glasses to help the customer buy cosmetics that best suits them.

Not only could the assistant see what the customer would look like wearing different make-up, they could also get guidance on how to apply it.


Beyond giving remote workers a helping hand, AR headsets could also change the way we work.

For example in the health industry, AR could also change how doctors diagnose and treat illnesses. AR headset could capture symptoms during the examination of a patient and place relevant medical information in the doctor’s view.


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