World’s first hydrogen-fueled drone is here!

And it lasts much much longer than your quadcopter



The world’s first hydrogen-fueled drone is here and it is revolutionary! The drone is developed by China’s UAV developer company, Micro Multi Copters Aero Technology Co., Inc. (MMC). The Hydrone 1800 has a 4-hour flight time and one-minute charging time because of the hydrogen fuel cell it uses. This fuel cell has eliminated all of the shortcomings of the traditional LiPo battery with just about 30-minutes flight time. MMC even claims that Hydrone can reach a 100 km distance with constant video feed!

Hydrone is made of water/dust/fire carbon fiber shells specially designed in MMC R&D center. Because of the shells, hydrone can functions in low and high temperature. The hydrogen tank also made from composite carbon fiber material, making it so safe they even tested it from a 200m drop and it’s successful!

The CEO of MMC explained Hydrone 1800 is a suitable answer to nowadays fight on crime and terrorism due to its longevity. And adding to that, their CTO estimates there will be significant improvement in current solutions using drone, and even larger usage of drones.

To us, this isn’t just a breakthrough on drone technology. It’s also a breakthrough to the battery issue we’re experiencing on all of our technology. If the hydrogen fuel cell can be implemented on another tech industry, we may have a battery that could last much longer for our smartphones and laptops.



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