Release the Cracun!

The legendary drone has awaken from its deep slumber



The applied physics laboratory of John Hopkins University have developed a drone that can maintain below the surface of water and take flight afterwards. They named the drone CRACUNS for Corrosion Resistant Aerial Covert Unmanned Nautical System. And yes, we believe it’s a wordplay for the monstrous kraken.

Just like the legendary beast that believed to be dwelling at Greenland Seas, they can be submerged for a long time and when the time comes, we can control it to rose above water and wreak havoc on the world.

To make this drone works, the team at John Hopkins fabricated a lightweight, submersible, composite airframe able to withstand the water pressure experienced while submerged. They also sealed the most sensitive components in a dry pressure vessel, and applied commercially available protective coating to coat the motors so that it won’t corrode even if they submerged on salt water.

It’s not cleared yet for what purpose this drone being made, aside for the advances of science and technology. Popular Science claimed that the customer is likely pentagon or military and it made us assume the drone could be used for spying or even warfare, because that’s what they do.

Other than that thing they did, we think that the drone could be used to monitor wildlife activities far out on the sea, to protect them, to help the government prevent smuggling from deep sea, or even protect the national border from unauthorized operation by other countries using submarine because we don’t even know what are they doing crossing our border using submarine, and without authorization it could mean they bring bad things.

There are so many possibilities on how to bring value with this submersible drone. What do you think about this drone? Share with us your tought on the comment section! And here is the promotional video of CRACUNS by John Hopkins’ Applied Physics Laboratory:

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